CSR Award was held for the second time in Georgia with the initiative of the
Global Compact Network Georgia and with the support of Government of Sweden. It aims at popularization of corporate responsibility in the country and promotionof the business involvement in the implementation of sustainable development agenda.


Poverty reduction; Quality education; Dignified work and economic development; Industry and infrastructure; Reasonable consumption and production; Partnership for sustainable development – Those are categories where winning companies awarded in.

It is worth mentioning, that for the first time, this year, media representatives have also been awarded, who produced contests materials for raising public awareness in CSR.

At the end of the ceremony, SDG Pioneer has announced – A leader, that represents the Global Compact Network and contributes to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals with its work, by integration of SDGs in the business.

Nominations and winners:

• Poverty Reduction – Adjara Group

• Quality Education – Silknet

• Dignified Work and Economic Developement – Efec Georgia

• Industry, Innovation and Infrustructure – Aldagi

• Reasonable Consumption and Production – Crystal

• A partnership for Sustainable Development – HG, Center for Prosperity and Development

•Media for Responsible Business – Oliko Tsiskarishvili (EcoFact), Eka Gazdeliani (National Broadcaster of Georgia), Magda Mamatsashvili (Imedi).

• SDG Pioneer – Valeri Chekheria (Adjara Group).

More than 70 applications were received this year and they were evaluated by local and international judges.

CSR Award is dedicated to the business, that is based on progressive and modern values; This is the award for companies, whose work is built on high standards, aims at sustainable development and earns long term benefits for the company as well as for the society.

The award allows the winner: To get the recognition among the colleagues, as a leaders in the field of CSR. To be represented as a trusted and decent partners, among costumers, partners and investors; To contribute in CSR in Georgia by sharing the best practices.