The UN Global Compact provides a universal language for corporate responsibility and provides a framework to guide all businesses regardless of size, complexity or location. UN Global Compact Network Georgia enables companies not only to get recognized as responsible and ethical companies, but to have access to partners in almost every industry, and sector, no matter their size, in order to share best practices and new problem-solving tools.

According to a survey conducted by the UN Global Compact, 93% of CEOs believe that corporate sustainability is a key determinant of a company’s successful future. That is why each global compact network, in 69 countries around the world, informs local companies about international sustainability standards, shares resources and experiences, and helps them implement initiatives that will benefit both the society and businesses.

In 2020, Global Compact Network Georgia developed membership packages that enabled any company, regardless of size or revenue, to become a member of Global Compact and receive customized resources and individual consultations on corporate sustainability issues.

GCNG currently offers 4 packages to companies in Georgia; A company can become a major, nonprofit, corporate subscriber, or a global participant. Depending on the chosen package, member companies will be able to take advantage of cross-sectoral partnerships,  receive recognition on Global Compact platforms,  gain access to Corporate Sustainability Academy courses and resources, attend master classes by international experts,  obtain mentoring and individual consultations,  reap exclusive invitations to UN events, gain access to the internal network of experts and many more.

Whether or not you already have sustainable corporate business approaches in your company, UN Global Compact Network Georgia will help grow your business to achieve international recognition as an ethical, responsible, and progressive business while still contributing to the social and economic advancement of our society.